Ok. Jenn and I just got off a cramped 11 hour flight from San Francisco to Nagoya. We both made the bad decision of getting a little too clever with all the menu options offered by United (it's airline food). It turns out that the “Buddhist vegetarian” entrées do not lead to enlightenment.

We were met at the airport by Jenn's brother, his fiancée, and their new baby. We hadn't expected to meet the baby right then and there, so lots of excitement ensued. Once things calmed down, we took a long train ride on the Meitetsu line to get into the city. Jenn's parents were staying right downtown, at Nagoya Station, but Jenn and I still needed to be guided out to the Sakae neighborhood to find our lodgings.

I with that I had some pictures to share from of the arrival, the train ride, even our crappy plane food, but I don't. Crippling jet lag that made us all fall asleep at 7pm is my excuse.

some cool looking building in Sakae museum in Sakae

The next morning, we actually managed to get outside and look around. It turns out that Sakae was a very cool neighborhood to wander around in. Besides Nagoya Station, it is more or less the downtown of the city. Lots of fancy stores, some museums, a big old tv tower, and all these rad buildings.

Nagoya City Art Museum Sugakiya building

I'm pretty sure that one on the left is an art museum. The building identification was always a little dicey because there really wasn't a whole lot of English printed on things.

On the right is probably some office building or something. The happy face and writing up on the top of the building point to a company that makes instant noodles. Maybe it's full of noodles?

Nagoya station intersection

Now we're down at Nagoya Station. Depending on which exit you come up out of the subway by, you could end up right here, across the intersection from the main station. But most of the exits come up in the station itself, which is crowded, fast-moving, and feels like a ginormous mall.

I liked the swirly Hershey kiss sculpture in the middle of the intersection. You can see another shot of it, from above, on the next page.